Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thermomix: 6 Days In Review

A big welcome to Sally McClinton who has kindly agreed to tell us what she thinks about her Thermomix on day six of owning it. From Sally:

Now, cooking does not interest me. My husband did all the grocery shopping and cooking until we emigrated to Melbourne, Australia last year and now it seems these responsibilities are down to me. How did that happen? 

After reading up on the new TM5 (after the recent press reports) and after having my demo, I decided to purchase one, purely because I think it would make my life easier. The 20 day delivery period came and went and then last Thursday (6 weeks after ordering) it arrived!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited over a major purchase.

I’ve had it six days now, and have used it more than once a day and even my husband is converted after making mayonnaise in 5 seconds (his comment was it’s the best mayonnaise he has ever tasted) and butter in 10 minutes. 

My Thermomix benefits so far are:
-   I no longer dread all the preparation like chopping and weighing
-   I use far less pots and pans
-   I create hardly any mess and there is minimal washing up because Thermomix does the majority of the prep and cooking for me
-   I can set it going and go off and play with the kids - no risk of anything burning due to forgetfulness!
-   Everything I have made so far has been absolutely gorgeous.

In six days I have made 17 things in the Thermomix all of which have been delicious. The favourites so far are mayonnaise, Thai chilli chicken and basil, meatballs in tomato sauce, butter and the buttermilk produced from the butter was used for scones which are the lightest, fluffiest scones I’ve ever had. But the poached eggs, Thermomix is worth it just for poached eggs!

My Sunday evenings of meal planning for the week ahead have got sooooooooo much easier (and more interesting), it’s exciting flicking through The Basic Cookbook trying to decide what to make.  

I hope those of you still waiting for your delivery are getting excited, it’s well worth the wait, and take heed of Thermolina’s ‘A Survival Guide To Waiting 6-8 weeks For Your Thermomix’, you definitely need to start collecting jars!

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