Sunday, November 2, 2014

Poached Shredded Chicken

Poached Shredded Chicken has fast become one of my families favourite recipes - we all love it in our sandwiches! The recipe was given to me by Clare, another Thermomix consultant in my team and I'm so glad she shared it. 

If you've got fussy eaters that don't like green stuff try reducing the herbs and getting them used to it in their sandwiches, then very slowly up the herbs until you get back to the original recipe - oh yes that is what I'm doing!

I usually make a 500g batch and it lasts my family of five a couple of days of sandwiches. Omit the almonds for school lunches. 

6 sprigs parsley 
6 chives or 2 spring onions
6 mint leaves
2 celery stalks
1 clove garlic
Handful natural almonds
100g to 500g chicken breast or thigh cubed into 5cm pieces
Mayonnaise to taste
Lemon juice to taste

Place parsley, chives or spring onions, and mint into mixing bowl and chop 3 sec / speed 6. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl with spatula.
Add celery stalks and almonds and chop 3 sec / speed 5.
Transfer into a bowl and set aside.
Place garlic in bowl and chop 3 sec / speed 7
Add water (see below for quantity) to mixing bowl and cook
5 min / 100°C / speed 1.
Insert simmering basket into mixing bowl and place chicken inside.
Ensure chicken is covered in water and cook:
100g chicken / 1000g water / 6 min / 100°C / speed 2
200g chicken / 1200g water / 8 min / 100°C / speed 2
500g chicken / 1500g water / 10 min / 100°C / speed 2
Ensure chicken is cooked through.
Cool chicken in poaching liquid as this helps it stay moist.
Remove simmering basket with aid of spatula.
Pour out the liquid from mixing bowl.
Place cooked chicken into mixing bowl. 
Shred chicken 7-10 sec / reverse / speed 4.
Add the herb, celery and almond mix to mixing bowl.
Add mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon to taste.
Mix 5 Sec / reverse / speed 4.

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