Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Survival Guide To Waiting 6-8 Weeks For Your Thermomix

Anyone who knew me while I was waiting for my Thermomix to arrive knows that I was a raving lunatic! I decided I wanted a Thermomix and I wanted it now! Together with a friend we waited for our Thermomixes to arrive and we gushed at all the endless possibilities it offered. But then my Thermomix arrived and my friend has been told that the wait time is now six to eight weeks.

This got me thinking there are a few things I could have been doing to help pass the time and get prepared for the arrival of my Thermomix. I hope you find the following ideas helpful:

Collect jars - save all your nice jars from your jams, pickles and sauces etc. Not only are they free, environmentally friendly, and safer than plastic, they just look so beautiful with your homemade goodies in them.

Use up all your packaged and premade foods like sauces and soups  – you will no longer want to use these anymore. Why would you when you can make stunning homemade food yourself from scratch? You could also start stocking up on things you know you will be using, like chickpeas for hummus, bakers flour for breads and pizza bases, etc.

Check out the online Recipe Community at - it is an amazing resource of more than 12,000 recipes. Register an account and then you can save your favourite recipes in collections, this makes it super easy for you to refer back to. You can also select the recipes you want to make and it works out a shopping list for you to print. 

Start planning four or five recipes you want to try when you first get your Thermomix. You might want to recreate the meal your consultant cooked for you at your demo, in which case you could ask your consultant to write down the ingredients for you.  Or refer to your Recipe Community collections and start making up your shopping list from that.

Live vicariously through other Thermomixers! There are so many wonderful Thermomix advocates out there full of great recipes, tips and tricks. If you love a Thermomix Facebook page, check out their “Likes by this page” - and voila a rabbit warren of fabulous Thermomix pages.  Do a Google search for “Thermomix Blog” and start following your favourite finds. Check out Pinterest – it’s a wonderful pin board of images where you can start collecting Thermomix recipes and other things like Christmas presents to make etc. To get you started try searching “Thermomix”.

Clear out some space in your cupboards or drawers to store all the extra bits and pieces that come with your Thermomix, but keep them handy, you really do use everything that comes with it. Pack away the appliances and surplus pots and pans your Thermomix will be replacing, keeping just the ones you actually use (for now).

Familiarise yourself with the manual - I know this is not everyone’s idea of fun but getting to know your Thermomix means you’ll be able to hit the ground running when it arrives.

{Edited to add} Plant yourself a herb garden and a lemon tree. You are going to use so many fresh herbs and lemons with your Thermomix - it's all part of the whole foods delicious and natural tastes. You don't need a big backyard, everything can go in pots so you can move them around to find where they like, but just remember they need more watering in pots. 

Six to eight weeks is a long time to wait for your Thermomix, but I feel confident in telling you that it will be well worth the wait – mine was!

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