Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why It's Ridiculous To Make Sorbet In The Thermomix

I can’t wait to make sorbet in my Thermomix – it’s such a quick healthy treat for the whole family. Ingredients in store bought sorbet are not so scary, with nothing glaringly sinister in it, but what is surprising are the cost savings - which is ridiculous!

Ingredients required to make lemon sorbet in the Thermomix (prices from Coles at the regular price):

1kg of homemade ice                             $0.01(1L of tap water costs a fraction of a cent)
3 lemons                                                $2.40(80c each)
100g Coles Smart Buy Raw Sugar             $0.12($0.12 per 100g
1 egg white Coles free range eggs           $0.41($4.90 for 12 600g)
These ingredients would make 1.4kg       $2.94 for 1.4kg
Total costs                                             $1.50 for 1kg

The cost of branded lemon sorbet is $8.24 for 1kg at Coles supermarket.

Making your sorbet in a Thermomix works out at 82% cheaper than store bought. However, today at my supermarket a 1kg bag of lemons were on sale for $2.99, which brings down the cost to $1.54 or 87% cheaper.  Better still you could raid the neighbours lemon tree and make a batch for .54 cents or a massive 94% saving!

What’s in store bought sorbet? It’s actually not too bad, but there are numbers in it, which I don’t think are ideal, it usually means its highly processed and far from its original state.

Store bought sorbet contains:
Water, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Fructose, Glucose Syrup (From Maize or Tapioca),
Vegetable Gums 
410 Locust Bean
412 Guar gum – can cause nausea, flatulence and cramps, may reduced cholesterol level
415 Xanthin gum – no known affects
Food Acid (330) – Ascorbic acid
Lemon Oil

Based on the recommended daily recommendations by the heart foundation the store bought sorbet has a good sodium level at 7%. However the sugar content is through the roof at 24.9grams per 100g with the recommendation being under 10g per 100g. Or, if you are going by sugar guru Sarah Wilson, it’s nearly five times too high, with her recommendation being 5g per 100g. Thermomix made sorbet is has a good level of sugar, and you also have the choice to reduce the sugar or swap it out for Stevia.

I’m convinced, what about you? Do you think making sorbet is a ridiculous cost saver? What are your thoughts?

Please note - I am definitely by no means an expert on food additives etc.
Please let me know if you believe anything to be incorrect so I can change it – thank you!


  1. Wow love it please keep the comparisons coming very interesting

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it is nice to know that it is interesting for some :)

  2. This is great! Nice blog :)
    This is something I always think about when making ice cream, sorbet, hommus etc! So it's nice that someone has done all the hard work and broken it all down :)