Friday, September 19, 2014

Why I Need The Thermomix Milling Function

I bake a lot and have two orders for cakes this weekend. Last night I ran out of caster sugar and icing sugar, so my husband popped into the local supermarket before going out, but the pure icing sugar was sold out. So today I needed to do another trip to the supermarket to get icing sugar. That’s annoying right – two trips to a supermarket just to get icing sugar?

If I had a Thermomix I could have just used standard white or raw sugar and made my own caster and icing sugar with the milling function. That means instead of keeping three items in my pantry, I’m only going to need to stock one - white or raw sugar. I love the space saving aspect, my pantry is so tiny that space is high value real estate. 

I am a bit of a stickler for prices and always check to see how much things are. Did you know that icing sugar is much more expensive than white or raw sugar, up to four times the price depending on what brand of sugar you buy.

Prices from Woolworths unless stated otherwise, at regular prices:
CSR White Sugar                           $2.18 1 kg       (.22 per 100g)
Aldi White Sugar                           $1.79 2kg        (.09 per 100g)
Raw Sugar Coles Smart Buy        $1.21 1 kg       (.12 per 100g)
CSR Caster Sugar                           $2.60 1kg        (.26 per 100g)
Aldi Caster Sugar                           $1.99 1 kg       (.20per 100g)
CSR Icing sugar pure                     $1.92 500g      (.38 per 100g)

There is no home branded pure icing sugar, so you have to pay premium for it. There is Icing Sugar Mixture but it contains a starch anti-caking agent and a lot of baking recipes require pure icing.

Who has sifted icing sugar before? It’s painful - right? It takes so long and it's like you will never actually finish sifting it all. Today while I was sifting 1kg of icing sugar I was fantasying about the Thermomix, because I won't need to sift my icing sugar anymore. In the Thermomix it comes out like a beautiful white powder with no clumps - hooray!

So the three benefits of making icing sugar in the Thermomix:
  • Space saving
  • Money saving
  • No sifting

How many more sleeps till my Thermomix arrives...

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