About Me

So this a pretty frank account of where I am right now. I want something honest and transparent to work with to see if the Thermomix improves our lifestyle in any way. 

I am a kiwi living in Sutherland Shire, Sydney. I am a stay at home mother and have three children, this year is the first year they are all at school. In my former life I have travelled extensively, gained tertiary qualifications as an adult, and worked in marketing and public relations. I like to dabble in graphic design. I am an avid crafter and love sewing, quilting, crochet and cake decorating (you can find out more about that here) - I consider myself a jack of all and a master of none (and I find this frustrating).

Our health
How healthy do we eat? On a scale from one to ten I would say we are at a six. I am aware of additives, colours, and preservatives, although I don’t always worry about them. But I do avoid anything with red food colouring. I avoid any processed meat, except for ham off the bone and bacon. We do not eat any Trans Fat. About five years ago I watched an episode of Dr Oz and he said if you can cut one thing out of your diet it should be Trans Fat – so I did. We eat a moderate amount of fruit but could be better with the vegetables. I know organic is better and I buy it when I can. We use real butter. A friend told me margarine is like eating melted plastic, her word was good enough for me. We don’t have a microwave. My husband’s grandfather begged us not to use it, so we don’t. As you can see I am a bit of a follower. But if someone has done the research and decided to steer clear of something I am happy to take their advice. I’m overweight (there I said it) the rest of my family is not. I am addicted to sugar.

Environmental awareness
I don’t consider myself a greenie, but I might be! We use no nasty chemicals (except for conditioner for my daughters knotty hair). I use Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap in my kitchen for everything and as our body wash. All paper, tins and plastics are recycled. I do not throw out anything that can be reused, it gets passed onto a friend or to the op shop (this drives my husband crazy because there are always little piles everywhere). We only have BPA free plastics and I'm seriously considering replacing all my newish Tupperware Modular Mates for glass jars. 

My cooking style
I cook and bake from scratch just because this is what my mum did. Once in a while I will use a jar of butter chicken, or a taco seasoning packet and I feel guilty about this because I know it can’t be good for us. A quick meal for us is a toasted sandwich or roasted chicken legs, rice and broccoli.

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